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Pieces of Iberian shoulder ham from Extremadura at the best price in JAMONIA stores. Buying a piece of Iberian field-fed shoulder ham is an excellent option to enjoy this exquisite product at its finest.

paleta-de-bellota-100-iberica-pura-iberico-del-brillante pieza paleta-de-bellota-100-iberica-pura-iberico-del-brillante pieza 2
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100% pure Iberian Bellota Shoulder | BRILLANTE IBERIAN

Bellota Shoulders (front leg of the pig), from 100% Iberian breed pigs raised in freedom in the pastures of Extremadura and fed during the montanera (period from October to the end of January) with acorns, herbs and natural grasses. Curing: 18 months in our natural cellars. Brand: IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE Approximate weight: 5-5,500 kg You can select below...
pieza-loncheada-de-paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-iberica-50-raza-iberica-jamonia pieza-loncheada-de-paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-iberica-50-raza-iberica-jamonia 2
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Take our SLICED Piece of FIELD BAIT SHOULDER 50% JAMONIA IBERIAN BREED prepared to place directly on the table. Approximate weight: 4-4,500 kg Sliced ​​and vacuum-packed. Includes 1,500 kg of Cebo Campo Iberian Shoulder Ham sliced ​​in a vacuum blister of approximately 125 gr (12 blister), Iberian cubes and knuckles.
paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-50-raza-iberica-iberico-del-brillante pieza paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-50-raza-iberica-iberico-del-brillante pieza 2
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Field-Fed Shoulder (front leg) from 50% Iberian Breed pigs, raised freely in Extremadura (Castuera-Badajoz) and fed with herbs, pastures, and finally with natural feed. Aged for 15 months in our natural cellars. Brand: IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE Below, you can select the WEIGHT of the piece and how you want to enjoy your shoulder in the SERVICE section,...
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