Boneless ham

Buy boneless Iberian ham from Extremadura, mainly suitable for catering. The piece is boned and made into a center that is easy to slice by machine to prepare toasts and Iberian portions.


Ease of Use: It comes ready to cut, which saves time and effort, ideal for those who do not have experience in cutting ham.

Storage: It is easier to store since it takes up less space and can be refrigerated or frozen in smaller portions.

Less Waste: There is no bone, which means the entire product is edible, and there is less risk of losing parts of the ham due to improper cutting.


Loss of Flavor and Aroma: When boning, the ham can lose part of its organoleptic characteristics due to the lack of bone and protective fat.

Shelf Life: Although it is easier to store, once opened, it should be consumed more quickly to prevent it from drying out.

Price: Can sometimes be more expensive due to the additional boning process.

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The piece of Field-Fed Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed "IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE" is deboned by our professional and presented as a center-cut ham (boneless), cleaned of its rind and part of its fat. It is then vacuum-packed for preservation. Approximate weight: 4.2-4.5 kg. Ideal for preparing ham toasts and servings of Iberian meats. IBÉRICO DEL...
taco-de-jamon-de-cebo-de-campo-iberico-50-raza-iberica-iberico-del-brillante taco-de-jamon-de-cebo-de-campo-iberico-50-raza-iberica-iberico-del-brillante 2
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Boneless Block of Field-Fed Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed | IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE. Weight: 1 kg Curing time: 26 months This Field-Fed Iberian Cebo Ham comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs raised in freedom and fed on herbs and natural feeds (quality cereals). The individually numbered green seal certifies compliance with the Iberian Standard.
taquitos-de-jamon-de-bellota-100-g-iberico-del-brillante taquitos-de-jamon-de-bellota-100-g-iberico-del-brillante 2
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Sliced ​​Ham

Diced Acorn-Fed Ham (100 g) | BRILLANTE IBERIAN

Acorn-Fed Ham 100/75% Iberian Breed, diced into 100 g pieces, ready to enjoy or to enhance your dishes. Ideal for making croquettes, ham tortillas, sautéing all kinds of vegetables: green beans, artichokes, baby broad beans, mushrooms, and for garnishing salmorejo.
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