Sliced shoulder ham

The Acorn-Fed and Field-Fed Iberian Shoulders from "IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE" are hand-carved by our master carver into very thin slices to fully enjoy the flavor and all its nuances, or they are machine-sliced and vacuum-packed.

pieza-loncheada-de-paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-iberica-50-raza-iberica-jamonia pieza-loncheada-de-paleta-de-cebo-de-campo-iberica-50-raza-iberica-jamonia 2
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Take our SLICED Piece of FIELD BAIT SHOULDER 50% JAMONIA IBERIAN BREED prepared to place directly on the table. Approximate weight: 4-4,500 kg Sliced ​​and vacuum-packed. Includes 1,500 kg of Cebo Campo Iberian Shoulder Ham sliced ​​in a vacuum blister of approximately 125 gr (12 blister), Iberian cubes and knuckles.
pack-paleta-iberica-selecciona-en-tu-pack-el-n-sobres-loncheados pack-paleta-iberica-selecciona-en-tu-pack-el-n-sobres-loncheados 2
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With all its flavor and aroma. Test it!!!! FIELD BAIT SHOULDER 50% Iberian Breed "IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE", from Iberian pigs raised and fed in Extremadura. Quantity: Choose the number of envelopes (100gr) sliced ​​according to the size of your family 10,15,20 and 30 envelopes, ideal for your dinners, guaranteed quality- Healing: 18 months. Packaging:...
paleta-de-bellota-100-iberica-pura-100-g-iberico-del-brillante paleta-de-bellota-100-iberica-pura-100-g-iberico-del-brillante 2
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Sliced shoulder ham

100% pure Iberian Bellota Shoulder (100 g) | BRILLIANT IBERIAN

100% IBÉRICA ACORN SHOULDER IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE sliced ​​and vacuum packed. From Iberian pigs fed in the Extremadura pastures with acorns (the Iberian pig's own ecosystem). Packaging: JAMONIA brand printed vacuum plastic bag.
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