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How can I spend my food ticket for Sodexo, Edenred and Check Gourmet in JAMONIA?

You can do it in several ways:

Through our online store JAMONIA.COM

With our virtual wallet option, you can recharge it with the money from your food ticket card (Sodexo, Edenred y Cheque Gourmet ) from anywhere in Spain and with the amount you want, either a day or any day if your company has a specific amount and time for use of the card.

So you can enjoy the Iberian products of JAMONIA that you like so much, of own production in Extremadura and in addition to many other gourmet products (oils, preserves, cheeses, sweets and drinks) of Extremaduran origin and with a high quality.

How does my coin balance recharge?

First of all I have to register as a user in jamonia.com and a section that appears graphically in the following way will appear in my user account:

My balance

Click on this section of my registration account or at the top of the page, to fill your balance.

The fill-in-the-wallet tab will appear, as well as the summary of your total balance.

My purse 2.jpg
Balance in your virtual wallet

The balance in your account will be increased (appearing in the summary of the upper part) and will be included in the history of balance movements. All your income to the purse will be reflected in the history tab as follows:

Status: Applied (when filled) and canceled when removed (discount applied to the cart).


Through your purchases in our online store jamonia.com.

Select the products you like from our website jamonia.com and add to the cart, choose to pick up at the store or send to your home with SEUR (additional cost of € 10 for purchases less than € 200) and at the end in the form of payment will be discounted your balance or purse.

How to use the virtual wallet
Balance of the virtual wallet used

Directly in our physical stores JAMONIA

For residents in Madrid. You can spend your balance accumulated in BALANCE OR PURCHASE, presenting your account with the available balance of the purse to our dependent directly from your mobile and the amount of the purchase will be later withdrawn by JAMONIA from the purse of the client with the printed delivery note of the purchase in store signed by the person who makes the purchase in store.

In JAMONIA we also accept as your payment method your PAPER TICKET

- in our JAMONIA physical stores in Madrid.

- and in our online store JAMONIA.COM . To do this once you have registered on our website, you must send us by certified mail the ticket booklet , either of Sodexo, Edenred and Gourmet Check , with a Minimum expiration of at least one month at the time they are sent, to the following address:

JAMONIA Gestión, SL Sales Department C / Ayala, 142 28006 Madrid

Tel. 91 401 26 94

Attach the ticket booklet along with the following questionnaire:

Name of the ticket holder, full address, telephone and mail. * Very important: Date and the amount of the ticket you send signed by the owner.

Once the checkbook arrives, we will reload your virtual wallet of JAMONIA with the value you have sent us so that you can make your online purchases whenever you want on jamonia.com