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About us


The company

Our shops, "JAMONIA", specialising in Iberian products, were created as an outlet, without intermediaries, for our Iberian products, Hams, Shoulders and Iberian processed meat products, under the banners "IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE" and "JAMONIA" handmade and naturally cured at our Ham Curing Plant and Processed Meat Factory, Castuera, Badajoz, resulting in a product of unmistakeable aroma and flavour - fruit of a combination of tradition and technological advances.

Our shops are situated in the centre of Madrid, where you will find our Iberian products in your preferred form: chopped, sliced, whole or, at Christmas time, our Iberian hampers in presentation format.

The hams and shoulders "Ibérico del Brillante" and "JAMONIA" combine three key elements for achieving a quality ham. The IBERIAN breed, REARED in oak pastures and the NATURAL CURING in our curing plant at Castuera (Badajoz). Environmental conditions are ideal in the "Comarca de Serena", and registered with the Denomination of "Dehesa de Extremadura" under strict quality controls, resulting in a selection of hams, shoulders and meat products of incomparable texture, aroma and flavour.

Our shops "JAMONIA"

Curing Plant and Processed Meat Factory.

C/ Pilar, 106 06420 CASTUERA (Badajoz ) Tel: 924 761 185



  • C/ Pilar,106 06420 CASTUERA ( Badajoz)  Tel 924 761 185
  • C/ Ayala,142 28006 MADRID Tel. 91 401 26 94
  • C/ Doctor Esquerdo, 17 28028 MADRID Tel. 91 725 58 29
  • C/ San Bernardo, 128 28015 MADRID Tel. 91 782 58 18

Customer Service: (+34) 902 202 666                           

Email: info@jamonia.com

In our shops, "JAMONIA" in Madrid, we accept payment by CHEQUES GOURMET, TICKET RESTAURANT and RESTAURANTE PASS.

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