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Terms and conditions



These General Conditions regulate the use of the website at www.jamonia.com ("The Site"), the owner of which is JAMONIA Gestión, S.L. of Calle Ayala, 142 2800 MADRID, a company specialising in the sale of Iberian pork products, such as hams, shoulders and processed meat products under the banners “IBÉRICO DEL BRILLANTE” and ”JAMONIA”.



Prices published on the site shall be in Euros and include VAT but do not include shipping costs, (unless otherwise stated) which will be detailed on the order form at confirmation stage. E&OE. The Site reserves the right to modify products, promotions, conditions of sale and prices without prior notice.



 Payment shall be made in advance, by bank transfer or credit card.

BANK TRANSFER. Once the order is confirmed in the online shop, the payment must be made by bank transfer, including your order number and your full name. The order will be dispatched as soon as we receive proof of payment. The order will be held open for up to seven days pending receipt of payment confirmation. After this the order will be cancelled. Following are the recipient account details: BBVA   IBAN ES13 0182 5716 8102 01545064


Payee: JAMONIA Gestión S.L.

CREDIT CARDS The following cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, 4B and 4B-MasterCard when finalising the order. This payment method is both easy and secure. Our online shop uses a secure server, where all personal data is transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and all account details are collected directly by REDSÝS(SSL). At no time do we have any access to your confidential card details.

This retailer shall not permit any illegal transaction or any activity that may be considered by the card companies or banks concerned to be potentially damaging to their goodwill or liable to affect them in a negative way. The following activities are prohibited by the card issuers: sale or offer of a product or service that does not comply with all laws applicable to the buyer, issuing bank, seller and owner of the card or cards.


If you require an invoice, please write to info@jamonia.com within seven days following the delivery, quoting your personal data and the order number. The order confirmation is not valid as an invoice.



            Shipping is by consolidated carriers such as SEUR, ASM and ENVIALA.



Any user has free access to the data on the site via www.jamonia.com.
Conditions of access to The Site shall be subordinate to any legal conditions current at the time and to principles of good faith and legitimate usage on the part of the user. Any action that might be considered harmful to The Site or to third parties shall be expressly forbidden.
The Site does not require previous registration for browsing, access or use of the service. However, access to certain contents and services will require registration as a user (Registered User). With regard to treatment of personal data, please see the Privacy Policy.


As already mentioned, certain services can only be accessed by Registered Users. A user can register by completing the relevant form available to anyone.
Users are expected to select, use and look after their login details in accordance with the following clauses.


Users may determine their own login details. The following will not be acceptable as a user name: swearwords or offensive expressions, anything hurtful, any trademark or similarity to same, names of existing businesses or well-known people, or, in general, anything that might go against any law or against normally accepted moral standards or public order. The Site reserves the right to eliminate or suspend the use of any name considered in breach of the above conditions. The user will be able to change the name to something more acceptable at any time.


The user is expected to make legitimate use of the login details and to keep them secret. The user is required to inform the Webmaster at www.jamonia.com immediately of compromised login details. Login details can only be used by the person that they were issued to. The Site shall not be held responsible for any consequences of the divulging of login details.


The user is expected to make legitimate, honest and diligent use of any information either from the web site at www.jamonia.com or from legitimate third parties and always in good faith and conforming to the law. The user must refrain from obtaining any information, property of The Site, except for personal use. This includes messages, audio, images, software or any type of file/archive etc. The user must also refrain from causing damage, with or without malicious intent, or introducing computer viruses that could occasion such damage. Use of contents must be in accordance with the law and with moral and public order. Nothing must be copied, reproduced, distributed, passed on or modified without prior written consent from The Site or a representative thereof.
In this respect, The Site shall not be held responsible for any failure or viral infection introduced by a third party. Meet with all requirements in relation to intellectual property rights of any class.


The Site is committed to take the necessary measures to guarantee security and privacy in any communications. Where these measures are compromised by outside forces, The Site shall not be held responsible. The Site shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for any content, information, opinion or manifestation of any sort, that originates with the User or third parties with access, transmitted, transferred or sold to the website of Jamonia Gestión S.L. Continuous availability of The Site can not be guaranteed in the case of interruptions, failures etc. and it shall not be responsible for damages caused by viruses or external forces introduced by third parties in documents or files stored in the system.  The Site makes available to its users tools such as buttons, banners, forums and links which give access to other sites with or without shared social aims. The aim of these tools is to enable the User to browse between sites and The Site takes no responsibility for the content of other sites. Following these hyperlinks will be the sole responsibility of the User. For its part, The Site will do its best to guarantee the safety of these hyperlinks, disabling or blocking them when they are found to contravene the conditions herein.

Furthermore, the following activities are explicitly prohibited: 

The sale of alcoholic drinks to those under 18 years old.


The Site is clearly aware of the way personal data should be treated, and, in accordance with legislation, has an established system in place to protect personal data. As well as complying with the Data Protection Act (15/1999), we guarantee not just the legal, but also loyal use of data, along with a system of rectification and cancellation provided by the legislation. The Site will store personal data in an automated file solely for the purposes of providing and maintaining services. Said file meets all the requirements and guarantees of the Data Protection Act. The Site will only collect data from the Registered Users and then only that necessary and not excessive. Users authorise The Site to automatically store their data. Any User can ask for access to their data as well as to modify or cancel same at the following address.

JAMONIA Gestión, S.L. Calle Ayala, 142 :28006 MADRID or by email Info@jamonia.com. The Site is committed to its obligation to care and confidentiality in the treatment of personal data. The Site is committed to adopting security measures imposed by the data Protection Act at the relevant level, to avoid changes, loss or unauthorised access, using current technology.
See the Privacy Policy. In accordance with the Site's privacy policy, any person can exercise their right of access, rectification or cancellation sending a message to Info@jamonia.com


These General Conditions are subject to Spanish legislation which will be applicable in relation to their validity, interpretation, execution and completion.
All parties agree that any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the interpretation or execution of this contract or in relation to same, will be resolved via arbitration in the framework of the Madrid Arbitration Court.
If arbitration fails, both parties agree to submit to the Madrid Law Courts, renouncing any right to a distinct jurisdiction. The User declares having read, understood and accepted these General Conditions in full.